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Celebrity Smiles of Utah opened in 2015. It was started by 2 best friends that are sisters. We really love each other and the world. We want to build true confidence in as many smiles as possible. We created Celebrity Smiles of Utah to provide the best results, instantly!  We personally feel more confident with white teeth, and wanted people to experience that same feeling. Everyone needs to exchange smiles with one another!


The biggest difference between our products and other products is results! Typically when you have your teeth whitened, only surface stains are removed, which is only 1 layer deep. In fact, there are 2 additional layers that are not being whitened. This allows the teeth to appear whiter, but in order to get back to your genetic color, all 3 layers need to be whitened. Our results matter! We continue to provide the best results in the state! At Celebrity smiles of Utah, we whiten all 3 layers that need to be whitened, in order to achieve your genetic whitest, white. Our products are the only products out there to achieve your best white by whitening all 3 layers in only one appointment. We have proved to be Utah's #1 Teeth Whitening since 2015! Our products are organic, and have enamel building compounds. Our products are enamel and dental work safe, and will not cause harsh sensitivity. Our products are so gentle, that they are safe for children!


At Celebrity smiles of Utah, we've done the research and understand the exact anatomy of the tooth. Other whitening procedures just remove surface stains, which is only the 1st layer. When in fact, there are 3 surfaces. 2 out of 3 typically never get whitened until now. At Celebrity smiles of Utah, we whiten all 3 layers, resulting in your genetic color you were born with. It is not possible to whiten beyond your genetic color,  but Celebrity smiles of Utah will guarantee to get you back to your whitest possible white smile that you were born with!! We also have a unique mouth guard to open your smile beyond any others. We whiten our clients teeth beyond the smile line to ensure pure confidence in any laughter and joy. We are here to build pure confidence in every client that walks into our office. We take pride in spreading joy and confidence in every smile we whiten.

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